The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 Recap: Holy Death

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Think enough went down onĀ The Originals Season 1 Episode 19?

Let's see. The hour featured...

... Oliver turning on his kind. This werewolf wanted to light a fire under his faction, so he lit up the bayou with multiple explosions.

And then when Eve realized the truth, he smothered her with a pillow! As Jackson and Hayley mourned Eve's death, we watched as Oliver's goal came to fruition, with the werewolf clan rallying around him and clearly being bent on revenge of some kind.

... Marcel exposing some truth about Hayley's family.

He knew them. He knew them well. He actually saved Hayley as a baby after her parents were killed by a turncoat werewolf and he offered here to again get her out of town because things about to turn ugly. She refused.

... Josh, Marcel and Diego stealing a key from Kieran. It's unclear what it opens, but the item is important.

... Kieran dying. Or being killed by Klaus, to be exact, after shock therapy failed to cure his hex and then CamiĀ asked Klaus to turn her uncle into a vampire so she could properly say goodbye to him.

But Kieran refused to feed in order to complete the transition. He was then possessed by the same witch who cursed him and told to murder Cami, which he almost did until Klaus came to the rescue.

... Elijah and Klaus teaming up. Yes, again. The former realized his truce was never going to work, so, hey, if he's gonna take a side, it might as be with his brother.

Is Elijah making the right choice? Were you shocked by Oliver's betrayal? Is your head still spinning from all these developments?

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