Thai TV Commercial Might Make You Cry: See Why

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Get out the tissues. This commercial for a Thailand-based insurance company just may bring a tear to your eye.

In the above clip, we see a man going about his day, giving money to the poor and food to stray animals, and even taking time to look out for some sickly plants along the side of the road.

"What does he get in return for this?" the narrator asks as cynical onlookers shake their heads in disapproval. "He won't get richer, won't appear on TV....What he does receive are emotions. He witnesses happiness."

The payoff comes when a homeless young girl the man had given money to is gone from her street corner one day and is found  skipping down the street in a brand-new school uniform.

The ad may never be as popular as the Bar Rafaeli commercial that's been banned in Israel, but with over a million YouTube views, it's sure to inspire some random acts of kindness.

The video is a part of a new trend in socially-conscious advertising which includes the Honey Maid commercial that famously featured a gay couple along with other images of less traditional families.

We hope this wave of thought-provoking advertising continues. If they're  gonna try to sell us their  crap, they can least give us something to talk about, right?