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Juan Pablo Galavis may not have proposed to Nikki Ferrell, or told her he loves her, or even committed to living in the same city. But all hope is not lost for her.

There’s another guy openly yearning to love her, cherish her and get Nikki Ferrell pregnant ASAP. Okay … maybe not the last part, but the point remains:

Nikki’s ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill wants her back so hard!

Still calling Nikki Ferrell “the one who got away,” Ryan is telling everyone how he feels (in itself a red flag) in the hopes that it will garner him attention.

Even if this is just a PR stunt, it’s better than anything her current boyfriend has done lately. While random girls throw drinks on Juan Pablo, Ryan waits.

Will he be rewarded with another chance?

Ryan and Nikki’s relationship, which was a serious one, ended just three months before Nikki signed up to do The Bachelor, for what that’s worth.

Ryan was still having doubts about the breakup, but didn’t have time to go to Nikki with his worries since she was with Juan Pablo on the ABC series.

Wow. Sucks to be him right now. Or does it?

McDill says he couldn’t watch The Bachelor online by the end, because it was just too hard. Clearly he still has feelings for her. As for Juan’s feelings for her?

He sure likes her a lot, for what that’s worth.

With Nikki clearly wanting more from Juan Pablo Galavis than he’s willing to offer up, it’s only a matter of time before this falls apart. Don’t you think?

Maybe we underestimate them, but even without Ryan waiting in the wings, he should be on notice and step it up if he doesn’t want to lose Nikki forever.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell: Will it last?