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Miley Cyrus may have a new dog, but the singer is still struggling to move on.

A few days after her furry friend Floyd was killed by a coyote, Miley’s mother gifted her with a new canine named Moonie.

But even though Cyrus initially Tweeted some excitement over the pet, the artist sang a much sadder tune online last night.

“I wanna sleep but all I can do is cry,” Miley wrote Saturday night. “I never wanna go home to a house where Floyd isnt running & playing. how do I get thru this.”


Miley went on, unable to control her depressing Tweets.

“I feel physically sick & I am so emotionally and physically exhausted I feel like I have nothing else to give sweet baby Moonie…

“So torn. I love having little Moonie cuddle w me and Mary Jane but just don’t know if I’m ready to love again.”

Yes, that’s another random Miley reference to smoking marijuana.

We’ll let it go without any mockery, though, due to Miley’s emotional state these days. We send her our best.

UPDATE: Cyrus sang to a statue of her late canine during a concert in Brooklyn over the weekend. Here’s sthe video:

Miley Cyrus Sings to Statue of Dead Dog