Lindsay Lohan Lies About Drinking, Shocks No One

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Her recent interview on some British talk show called Chatty Man already gave us the unwelcome sight of Lindsay Lohan pole dancing.

Now another clip from her appearance shows the troubled actress hilariously claiming that she can't recall the last time she had a drink.

Faced with the point-blank question of "How many days has it been since you've had a drink?" Linds hesitates for a moment to try and remember the latest lie her publicist cooked up before lamely answering, "I don't know. A long amount of time."

The host seems to buy her BS response (maybe he hasn't heard that Lindsay was drunk at Coachella just two weeks ago), but even Linds can't keep a straight face when discussing her recent boozing. 

Check out the clip above to see a master liar in action. If only she were as good at acting.

To her credit, seconds after her initial response, Lohan does admit that she "had a drink and kinda freaked out" while filming her OWN reality show, Lindsay.

We'd be more likely to believe Lindsay's on the wagon if she gave a definitive response to the question instead of playing dumb. Recovering alcoholics tend to keep track of how long they've been sober.

A word of advice Linds: just because you blacked out, doesn't mean you're allowed to claim you "can't remember" the last time you got drunk.

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