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Kim Kardashian swears she’s never had any work done, but by participating in the annoying social media trend known as “throwback Thursday,” Kim inadvertently called attention to the unnatural way her face has changed over the years.

Difficult as it may be to believe, that’s Kim on the left, and that’s also Kim on the right. 

Kim didn’t provide a date for the photo on the left, but it was clearly taken several years ago. The photo on the right, of course, is of Kim at a recent event.

In addition to the visual evidence above, we know Kim comes from a family that’s not afraid to be surgically enhanced (Bruce Jenner’s transformation over the years has to be seen to be believed)

She may be a decade or more older on the right, but that doesn’t explain some of the facial changes:


Note the much slimmer nose on the right. As much as models and Hollywood actresses may try to convince us otherwise, that’s not the sort of thing that just changes on its own with age.

Even more noticeable, however, is the fact that the entire shape of Kim’s face has changed.

Her chin is smaller; her cheekbones seem higher – some of this could simply be the result of weight loss (Kim does look slimmer in the current photo), but we don’t see how anyone could look at these photos side-by-side and deny that Kim has had a procedure or two.

Recently, Kim bought every copy of Vogue with her face on the cover from an LA newsstand. Is it even possible for a woman that vain to grow up in Hollywood and not go under the knife?

What do you think? Has Kim gotten plastic surgery?