Kid Gives Nonsense Test Answer, Gets An A

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We've all been there. We've poured our blood, sweat, and tears into an assignment, handed it in, and received it back from the teacher with nary a comment about all of our hard work. A simple grade scribbled in the corner with absolutely zero pomp and circumstance.

The little trumpet sounds in our head: WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAH.


One enterprising young man decided to put that theory to the test. Literally. 

During the essay portion of a test about Shakespeare, the young man rambled on nearly incoherently for an entire paragraph about Sprite and words that rhyme with "time." 

He got an A-. It might be time for this professor to call it a day.

Kid Gives Funny Answer on Test

At least this kid was smart about his answers and performed his little experiment on purpose. That's more than we can say for these silly homework answers.

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