11 Hilarious Homework Answers That Should Get An A for Effort

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Some kids are just too funny for their own good. Or maybe they should be paying a little more attention to the teacher.

However you want to look at it, check out these 11 hilarious homework answers that should get an A for effort.

1. Because MATH

Because MATH
I did always hate having to explain my answer in math class. Isn't it obvious?

2. Big Pimpin'

Big Pimpin'
Now THIS is an explanation we can get behind. Some little cassanova has figured out life. Here's hoping he also figured out how NOT to get caught.

3. Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This
This riddle about Justin "Beaver" is certainly funnier than anything Justin Bieber has done lately.

4. Current Events

Current Events
This kid gets an A+! Not only is his answer technically correct, but he also plugged the Wounded Warrior Project.

5. Love All, Trust Parents

Love All, Trust Parents
Benjamin Franklin, father of the aphorism, would be so incredibly proud of this kid.

6. Pets and Siblings

Pets and Siblings
Raising kids is totally like raising pets, right? According to this kid it is. Bet little brother loves a scratch behind the ears, too!

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