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Katy Perry broke up with singer-songwriter John Mayer in February but she’s reportedly still “devastated” over the separation, a new report suggests.

She was visibly upset when he moved out, and has even been seeing a hypnotherapist since the break-up to allegedly try and “retrain her brain.”

An insider told Grazia: “Katy was devastated … they had talked about marriage and she seemed to think he was a changed man, so she is beyond gutted.”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

Alas, he supposedly cheated with Lauren McHale. What’s a girl to do now?

“Katy is a firm believer in alternative therapies and she wants to wipe him away from her life for good, so she decided to see a hypnotherapist.”

“She doesn’t want to find him attractive anymore,” the source added.

Wait … so John Mayer is such addictive sexual napalm that you need a shrink to tell you not to bang him anymore? Come on Katy … you’re better than that.


At the same time, at least she’s committed to going a different route.

Even if that route includes dating Riff Raff once, we can respect it.

She broke up with Mayer before, after all, and it didn’t take. Dude has a way of working his way back into girls’ pants. But pals say this break-up is for real.

“Katy was really hurt by John and she doesn’t want him worming his way back in,” the insider adds, noting that this can be a real challenge with him.

“He hates women moving on from him but this time she’s determined to erase him from her life. Her first step was to get him to move all of his belongings out.”

The source reiterates that Katy Perry “really wants a fresh start and she is well on her way to putting her relationship with John firmly in the past.”

We hope she does it. And here are 25 reasons why John is an idiot: