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Katy Perry and John Mayer recently split for good, despite almost universal belief in celebrity gossip circles that a proposal was a matter of when, not if.

The reason has been a mystery, until this theory posited by one tabloid:

John Mayer Cheating on Katy Perry?

Allegedly, Katy Perry was the one to say enough is enough after she found out about his relationship with 24-year-old SoulCycle instructor, Lauren McHale.

Apparently, the pair met at a bar in Los Angeles in May, then went back to her house for a little after-party after having a few drinks together.

“They kissed,” an insider revealed of Mayer and McHale.

“It was all very innocent. They didn’t sleep together.”

Not innocent enough for the "Dark Horse" singer.


It’s not clear why this connection reared its ugly head now and led to the Katy Perry-John Mayer breakup, but that’s allegedly what pushed her over the edge.

Not that Mayer is too broken up over the couple’s separation.

Allegedly, he’d gotten tired of Katy’s partying and how she constantly wears a big ring on her left hand to create relationship buzz, so he’s fine with it.

“He’s moved out,” the source says, adding “Katy is a wreck.”

To make matters worse, John was seen at an Oscar pre-party March 1, at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif., and he wasn’t alone! OMG!

It’s okay, Katy. Here are 25 reasons John Mayer is a moron: