Justin Bieber Released from LAX, Tweets: Life is Good

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Don't cry for Justin Bieber.

Yes, the singer was detained at LAX for approximately four hours yesterday, but he didn't let the unfortunate experience get him down.

As you can see in the following video, Bieber left LAX with a smile on his face and with fans swarming him for photos and autographs, many of which he happily obliged.

"Life is good. Keep it positive always," Bieber Tweeted not long after this incident, which took place after he landed in Los Angeles following a trip to Tokyo.

Bieber did not get n any further trouble at the airport.

Rather, due to his arrest for DUI in January - along with a string of other recent legal trouble - he is now under heavy scrutiny when he travels.

"It was a routine secondary set of questioning that Justin has to go through now every time he comes back in the country because he's a foreign national," an insider tells Us Weekly, adding that the detaining was "standard" procedure."

Justin has enough to worry about these days without authorities getting all up in his business again.

The artist is reportedly having problems with Selena Gomez after a few weeks of a pleasant reconciliation. One report even claims he cheated on her with Kylie Jenner.

Are you buying it?

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