Justin Bieber: Persona Non Grata from Miami Nightclubs!

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The entire city of Miami has turned against Justin Bieber.

According to TMZ sources, the annoying singer was in Florida this week... but all nightclubs in the area banded together to ban the singer and his entourage from their premises.

Bieber's people called ahead last week and asked for VIP tables at LIV, Story, and Adoré - and they went 0-3 in their attempts.

No amount of begging, pleading or guarantees of spending big bucks in the clubs made any difference.

The last time Bieber partied in Miami, of course, he was arrested for drunk driving. Moreover, of course, the artist isn't actually 21 years old.

The aforementioned arrest generated a slew of bad press for SET nightclub - where Bieber had been partying before getting behind the wheel - because he had been drinking there underage.

Bieber also may have instigated a brawl outside a Southampton nightclub and also got into it with a DJ last year inside a Chicago nightclub.

The guy pretty much sucks all around as a patron.

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