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Justin Bieber is on the verge of agreeing to a plea deal and avoiding jail in conjunction with his arrest for drunk driving and drag racing earlier this year.

According to TMZ sources, the singer will come out very well in the agreement, with prosecutors agreeing to drop the DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license charges.

Assuming this goes through, Bieber will only face one count of reckless driving.

Justin Bieber: DUI Plea Deal in the Works

Moreover, the opposition will not push for random drug testing over the next year, a major obstacle in their previous plea bargain offer, which Bieber turned down.


By affixing his name to this new deal, Bieber would be placed on probation for 12 months – but that would be it.

As long as he keeps himself free from trouble with the law over that time period, Justin would be free and clear of any legal trouble associated with this arrest.

Of course, this is not exactly a sure thing with Bieber these days.

Not long after the DUI arrest was made in January, questions arose over Justin’s blood-alcohol level, as well as the speed he was going at the time he was allegedly drag racing.

The GPS on the artist’s car did not record him driving especially fast.

The new plea bargain is expected to be finalized in the coming days and then we’ll only have these arrest photos remaining to remember the incident: