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Was that shocking enough for you, How I Met Your Mother fans?

This beloved series came to an end on CBS last night, but not without a few stunners that will likely leave fans talking, buzzing and debating for many days to come.

What did you think of these unexpected developments? Watch How I Met Your Mother online right now via TV Fanatic if you missed the one-hour finale and scroll down for the night’s biggest surprises.

Consider yourself spoiler warned…

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ROBIN AND BARNEY GOT DIVORCED. After three years of marriage, Robin was traveling for her job, Barney was left behind and the two simply weren’t happy.


Their friends were aghast over the split, as many viewers probably are as well. We just spent the entire season building to this wedding, only to be told in a matter of minutes that it didn’t work out.

BARNEY IS A FATHER. Yup, he moved on from Robin, got a girl knocked up and became a dad to a girl named Ella.

Few things on TV are more jarring than seeing Barney Stinson go home at 9:45 p.m., but the life of the party now has another life to think about.

TED AND TRACY GOT MARRIED ON A THURSDAY AT MACLAREN’S. It took five years and two kids for them to exchange vows, but better late than never, right?

THE MOTHER IS DEAD. Yup, all the speculation proved to be correct. She passes away from an illness and died six years before Ted finished telling his kids the story at the center of the series.

TED AND ROBIN END UP TOGETHER. Also speculated for awhile on the Internet, but that somehow didn’t make the reveal any less startling.

The kids actually pushed for Ted and "Aunt Robin" to be together and we concluded the show with the once-couple rekindling their love after so many years apart in the romantic sense.

So…. yeah. Wow. What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother finale and all its twists and turns? Grade the concluding episode now: