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Holidays mean family and family means dinner! The traditional fare for Easter Sunday comes in two varieties: ham or standing rib roast. 

While those are tried and true staples, sometimes it’s nice to get a little adventurous. We have 9 Easter recipes to tickle your tastebuds and fancy up your fête

If your little ones are like most, they eat breakfast and then they’re almost immediately hungry again. Make up a batch of Easter Trail Mix to hold them over between breakfast and lunch. It’s cute and there’s FRUIT! They won’t even know they’re eating something healthy because it’s just so adorable!

This would also make an excellent Easter egg hunt snack food!


To get a little "rabbit food" in your Sunday afternoon spread, try a strawberry-spinach salad with feta and balsamic vinegar! It’s light and good for you and it looks great on a plate!

When it’s time for the main course, you have options! Try a twist on the traditional ham or braising some beef short ribs instead of a roast. 

Family get-togethers can be kind of stressful. Calm your nerves with some comfort food in the form of stovetop mac and cheese! This creamy dish is every big as good as the kind you would bake in the oven and just as tasty. Bonus? This one’s actually good for more than just your soul!

It’s Easter, so you probably have about three dozen more eggs than you’ll ever eat or actually need. What are you going to do with them all?

Devil them, that’s what, and throw in some salmon while you’re at it! Or, you could bake them into Easter Egg Italian bread!

No holiday meal is complete without dessert. For finger-food fare, finish off the dinner with two-bite coconut truffles.

Or take a look at one of these pies and whip one up!