Drake Disses Jay Z, Lint Rolls Pants at Raptors Game

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The Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets are currently facing off in round one of the NBA playoffs and while the two teams have played an exciting series thus far, the real entertainment is in the stands, where Drake has become Canada's answer to Spike Lee.

During game one on Saturday, Drake - a Toronto resident - took a bizarre shot at native Brooklynite Jay Z, claiming that Hov was sitting at home "eating a fondue plate" during the game.

Burn! We think. Does Drake know you don't eat fondue from a plate?

Anyway, Drake's strange behavior isn't limited to talking trash. The man might go to Clippers games with Rihanna but in T.O. He goes solo...and gets weird.

For example, during last night's game Drizzy busted out a lint roller and started getting gussied up about three feet from the action on court.

Check him out going to town on his crotch in the background:

Ya see the problem here, Drake? You brought a lint roller to a basketball game, so you can't really knock a dude for eating fondue. What you did is way weirder.

This isn't the first time Drake has attacked Jay for what he considers to be an overly-decadent lifestyle for a rapper.

In a recent interview, Drake derided Hov's tendency to name-drop famous painters in his songs as "corny."

Lamest. Rap beef. Ever.

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