19 Celebrities Who Were Born Rich: Stars From Big-Money Backgrounds!

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Some celebrities worked their way up from humble beginnings to earn worldwide fame and seven-figure bank accounts.

Others were born with show business connections, but they still had to struggle and work hard to avoid flipping burgers to chip away at crippling student loan debt.

But there's another, slightly less common subset of celebrities - those born into such privilege they could've never worked a day in their lives and their posh lifestyles would still make us jealous.

Yes, these are the stars who lived the good life from day one, the celebs born with a silver spoon in their mouth and tailored Yves-Saint Laurent diapers on their tuchis.

Some may not surprise you (Gwyneth Paltrow didn't become that snooty overnight) while others you may not have known about (Rooney Mara's family owns two NFL teams?!) 

But whether they flaunt their classy pasts or try to hide them, these stars all have one thing in common: they were richer than most folks in Hollywood before they learned to talk.

Take Robin Thicke, for example. Not only was his dad earning long-running sitcom cash from Growing Pains while Robin was still a toddler, his mom is also a respected TV star from her time on various soap operas.

Lana Del Rey's dad is the millionaire CEO of a media firm (hence why he was happy to bankroll the many false starts and stage name changes of her early singing career), and she spent her childhood in Manhattan's swanky Upper East Side alongside a young Lady Gaga.

Similarly, when Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets naked, it's certainly not for money. Julia's dad is a French billionaire entrepreneur, meaning she may be one of the world's wealthiest heiresses when he croaks.

So yes, next time you feel unaccomplished you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that some folks who have hit the big time were born with every advantage. 

Of course, the downside of that is that even when Gwyneth loses millions in a business venture, she can still go to bed on a pile of fresh Benjamins every night. Burns ya up a bit, eh?

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