18 Stars We Can't Believe Are Somehow the Same Age

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If one thing's for sure after looking through this slideshow it's that Joan Rivers' plastic surgeon needs to start handing out his business card on the red carpet. 

Or we could just let people age like they're supposed to so they don't end up looking like Joan Rivers one day. Yeah, there's that option.

Here, so you can see and believe, are 18 stars who are the same age. You can Google if you want, but you might be too busy picking your jaw up off the floor to do that.

From booze, to drugs, to just plain ol' genetics, everybody ages. Even Hollywood's rich and famous and attention-seeking reality TV stars.

Some just do it better than others.

And Hollywood's women do it better than the men, even counting Joan Rivers among the lot.

Or maybe it's just that the men don't care as much and it's yet another comment on the inherent sexism of Hollywood running through the celebrity gossip blogs that women have to stay young looking to be beautiful while men can rock the gray and nobody cares.

Except for Jared Leto of course, who might be a never-aging vampire like Pharrell Williams. And Halle Berry, who just birthed her second child at 47 years old. It's probably the kids who are keeping her young while for most of us the opposite is true.

Excuse me while I go slather on ever anti-aging serum in Sephora. 

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