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Teresa Giudice has taken to Twitter to thank her fans for support, raising one glaring question:


We don’t even mean that as an insult, just a legitimate question: What has Teresa Giudice ever done to inspire any sort of appreciation or admiration?

She just pleaded guilty to fraud charges and may end up behind bars.

Teresa Giudice: Looking Out For Her Girls!

"Thank you all for your love & support of my family & my kids," Giudice Tweeted today. "You know how much they mean to me. I am keeping them protected & private.xx.


Teresa and Joe are the parents of four children and are hoping to at least serve any jail time separately so that one parent is always around for them.

It’s even possible that Joe, an Italian citizen, could be deported.

Teresa Giudice Apology

It’s untrue, meanwhile, that Bravo actually filmed the Giudices telling their kids about their possible prison sentences for an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

An insider tells Us Weekly that Teresa and Joe "don’t want that genuine, private, vulnerable moment with the kids captured on film forever."

So at least they’re learning something, huh?

Since pleading guilty, the reality star was seen running errands in her pajamas near her home in Towaco, New Jersey on Wednesday.

"Teresa was of course upset Tuesday, but then she got right back into running errands and being a mom and a wife," the source tells Us. "Life doesn’t stop. She and Joe are doing well, considering."