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Chloie Jonnson, a transgender woman, is suing CrossFit over the fact that she can’t compete in the women’s division of the upcoming CrossFit Games.

The reason for that, as you probably inferred, is that she was born a man.

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Jonnson has filed a $2.5 million lawsuit over this, citing her sex reassignment surgery in 2006 and her legal recognition as a woman by the State of California.

Chloie was shot down hard when she tried to enter against the women.

A letter from CrossFit to Chloie stated, "We have simply ruled that based upon [Chloie] being born as a male, she will need to compete in the Men’s Division."

They say a male "who has a sex reassignment procedure still has a genetic makeup that confers a physical and physiological advantage over women."

That, they believe, is a "fundamental, ineluctable fact" and, lest they be criticized for that, "this decision has nothing to do with ‘ignorance’ or being bigots."

"It has to do with a very real understanding of the human genome, of fundamental biology, that you are either intentionally ignoring or missed in high school."



Undeterred, Chloie Jonnson says CrossFit is violating her civil rights by not letting her compete as a woman and she wants at least $2.5 million to make it right.

CrossFit says transgendered athletes are "welcomed with open arms in this community, but we will not waver from our commitment to ensure the fairness of the competition."

You be the judge: Who’s in the right?