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This week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara (Bahbrahh) and Nathan Griffith took center stage as he accused her of aiding Jenelle’s addiction.

Yes, Nathan insinuated that Barbara helped get Jenelle hooked in heroin.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska was blindsided by Adam Lind, Kailyn’s wedding is fast approaching and Leah’s daughter went to school. Tame by comparison.

What else did we learn in last night’s episode of the MTV franchise?

These Are the Days”?

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Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 8 Online
Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 8 Online

It seems like ages ago (or at least a few episodes) when Jenelle first introduced her new boyfriend, Nathan, to her mother, Barbara, and she was thrilled.

It was like a weight had been lifted off the poor woman’s shoulders.

Here was a nice, charming guy who had it together and might help Jenelle Evans get her life on track, rather than dragging it down like others had.

Well, the honeymoon period for Nathan and Barbara is over. Hard.

Barbara came by to visit Jenelle after she had surgery, but instead of being supportive, she picked a fight with Nathan about his financial status.

After Barbara insinuated that Nathan was a freeloader, Nathan retaliated with an even cheaper shot, accusing her of getting Jenelle hooked on heroin.


Even Jenelle isn’t willing to go that far, at least not directly.

While the recovering addict, currently pregnant with her second child, agrees that her mom’s “negativity” contributed to her drug habit, it’s still her habit.

Also, Barbara was truly there for Jenelle at her worst.

“She did bust in my house when I was with Kieffer, and she was like, ‘What are you doing?’” Jenelle recalls. “She was like, ‘You’re ruining your life.’”

In defense of Nathan, though, Barbara’s accusation that Jenelle spent all her money on their home while he hasn’t spent a dime may have been unfounded.

After Nathan showed a folder full of paychecks, no less.

He also makes a point that cursing and screaming at Jenelle is as harmful to Jace as anything Jenelle has done, which is a harsh statement but true.

At least it’s worth considering. We talk a lot about how Jenelle sucks as a parents and Barbara stepped up. But there is a reason she even had to.

Elsewhere in this otherwise tame episode of Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ daughter had her first day of school, and beyond a little tired, as toddler as known to do occasionally, she had a blast!

Kailyn Lowry is getting closer to her wedding, and due date, and is in the process of trying to get adjusted to her new surroundings. A lot to handle.

Finally, Adam Lind finally filed the court papers he’s been threatening to file against Chelsea Houska for months now, setting up an actual custody battle.

Yes … Adam Lind wants some sort of custody fight.


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