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No, she never turned that car around.

At the conclusion of The Originals Season 1 Episode 16, Claire Holt’s Rebekah said her goodbyes – after being granted freedom by her dastardly brother – got into her car and drove away from New Orleans.

And she won’t be coming back.

The Originals Series Finale Photo

Multiple sources confirm that Holt has left the series. She is no longer a regular cast member and there are no formal plans at the moment to bring her back at all.


Reports vary on why Holt was written out – BuzzFeed says it was 100% the star’s choice; The Wrap alleges it was a call made by producers – but the secret was kept quiet until now… and it comes as a total shocker.

Holt was the female lead on a show that had just gotten renewed for a second season.

She has been given plenty of material over the past few months and her performance has received rave reviews across the board. It seems impossible to believe producers would want her gone… and equally impossible to believe she would want to leave such a plumb situation.

We’ll have plenty more on this story as news breaks and as we stop crying over Claire Holt actually leaving The Originals. WTH?!?!?