Revenge Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: The 3 Mrs. Graysons

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Revenge returned to ABC on Sunday after a hiatus of a month and a half, and needless to say, the time off didn't quell any tensions between Emily and Victoria.

On the contrary, in fact.

In its new time slot, Emily continued her downward spiral and sought to discover just what the heck is going on with her brain and her insane blackouts.

Meanwhile, one character in the Hamptons died and the other got the surprise of a lifetime ... just par for the course for Revenge Season 3 Episode 14.

We learned that after her traumatic wedding day, Emily had recovered better than expected, but there was a lot of swelling in her brain. Hence, the blackouts.

Emily had Nolan track her down during the escapes she couldn't remember, hoping to end all hope that she didn't really sleep with Conrad Grayson.

She did not. However, they are working in tandem.

Unbeknownst to Emily, she had been talking to the original Mrs. Grayson (Gail O’Grady) about divorcing Daniel, and Conrad is on board with the plan.

Stevie, Conrad's ex-wife, is a divorce guru who informs Emily that Daniel cheating on her with Sara in their home is grounds for immediate annulment.

Emily doesn’t remember any of this and tried to dissuade Stevie from divorce, while also mentioning that she is in love with someone else ... but who?

Meanwhile, the second Mrs. Grayson has a lot on her plate as well. Patrick is determined to avenge his mother’s rapist, and is becoming increasingly unhinged.

What came next was a fairly crazy episode culminating in one of the more shocking twists in the show's three seasons to date. What was it, you ask?

Follow the link to watch Revenge online at TV Fanatic. We won't spoil it here.

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