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Only three episodes remain on The Walking Dead Season 4.

But we can’t exactly say the AMC drama is steamrolling toward an epic conclusion at the moment, can we?

Ever since The Governor’s death to close out the first half of episodes, return installments have been more focused on character development than anything else, with the latest hour honing in on Sasha, Maggie and Bob.

The Walking Dead Twosome

Maggie was focused solely on finding Glen this week, leaving Bob and Sasha behind in the process.


Bob, meanwhile, went in the opposite direction, convincing Sasha to stick together because this man is on his third group. He knows how to survive.

Naturally, it took a zombie fight for Sasha to realize he was correct.

So, yes, everyone ended up back together by the end, but it was sort of a ridiculous, forced way to get there. It didn’t pack the emotional wallop the writers were likely going for.

We also spent time with Beth and Daryl, as a romance is definitely being teased here. Do you wanna see the characters take a step in that direction? First, of course, Daryl will have to track her down. Who took Beth?!?

What did you think of the latest episode? Are you ready for the survivors to make it to D.C. already?

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