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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13, "Parallel Construction, Bitches," was hyped up to a major degree by CBS and billed as the start of a three-episode event.

The concept of a multi-episode "event" on a show that’s already serialized seems silly in a sense, but it raises expectations in terms of both significance and quality.

Did it deliver? Or was that a marketing ploy designed to remind us that the show is still on? We won’t know for sure for another two weeks, probably.

That said, The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13 was a good one.

Watch The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13 Online
Watch The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13 Online

The arc seems to be focused on the National Security Agency (NSA) and its relation to other factions within the U.S. government and America in general.

As it pertains to the characters, the Public Integrity Section (PIN) of the Department of Justice could bring down the Florricks for engaging in voting fraud.

The episode, entitled "Parallel Construction, Bitches," tightly wove together parallel plots detailing how the NSA’s information was used, and why.


Dubeck, after the NSA tipped him off, tried to rattle Will with a grand jury summons, while Will’s desire to take Peter down seemed surprisingly tepid.

Perhaps he would rather take down Alicia professionally than see everything in her life, including her kids who did nothing wrong, suffer the backlash?

He’s no fan of Alicia and Peter, but he’s playing this close to the chest for the time being, while Bishop and Lester played key roles in moving this plot forward.

The Good Wife’s strength is its realism, and reuse of past characters bolstered that strength in an episode that sets the table for the next two episodes.

To catch the latest solid installment and past ones, watch The Good Wife online at TV Fanatic. It’s only going to get better by the end of this month …