Oscars Selfie Gets the Homer Simpson, LEGO Treatment

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It was the selfie heard Tweeted 'round the world.

And now it's the selfie being parodied hilarious 'round the Internet.

Days after the Ellen DeGeners Oscars selfie crashed Twitter, a couple terrific takes on the famous photo have gone viral.

In the first, Tweeted by Academy Award winner Jared Leto, Homer Simpson tries to crash the image - and takes a kick in the head from animated Bradley Cooper for his trouble.

In the second, all the stars involved are re-created with LEGOs, an impressive endeavor that leaves us in awe of the World Wide Web:

Oscars Selfie with Homer Simpson
Oscars Selfie with LEGOs

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And then relieve the original Oscars selfie below, and so do without fear: it will not crash your computer...

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie
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