Kanye West Vampire Rumors Surface: Is Rapper a Member of the Undead?

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It's been lost amidst the cries of support and criticism over the Kim Kardashian Vogue cover, but it's a rumor that is finally starting to make its way across the Internet:

Might Kanye West be a vampire?

While the odds against West being a blood-sucking member of the undead are strong, many in the Twitterverse are raising this question in light of the following photo.

Because, wait a second, why don't we see Kanye's reflection in that mirror?!?

Kim, Kanye and Baby

“Proof that Kanye West is a vampire. We have all speculated for years but the truth has finally been revealed,” wrote one Twitter user in response to this image of Kanye and Kim Kardashian, while Cosmopolitan even chimed in.

The magazine Tweeted "BREAKING" news and wrote:

"Kanye West *MIGHT* actually be a vampire."

Granted, we've all seen West in the daylight, but come on. Just watch The Vampire Diaries online for five minutes and you'll see plenty of supernatural creatures enjoying the sunlight.

Daylight rings are as common as dopplegangers at this point.

The ultimate irony, of course, would be that Kanye actually is a vampire and eventually reveals himself to be as pale as Edward Cullen.

We all know this isn't exactly how Kim likes her men.

What do you think, readers? Is Kanye West a vampire?


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