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You know you’re effing up when even Canadians are tired of your crap. Justin Bieber won a Juno award (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) over the weekend and the audience was less then pleased with the decision.

Justin Bieber Booed at Juno Awards 2014

The Biebs wasn’t on hand for the ceremony, but he received the fans’ choice award anyway. Apparently the fans who voted for him weren’t in attendance either, as the troubled pop star was loudly booed when his name was announced.

Following a string of legal entanglements including arrests for drunk drag racing and egging a neighbors’ house, Bieber’s fan base is rapidly dwindling.

He’s long been more popular in the States than in his native Canada, but our neighbors to the north are generally less inclined toward openly rude behavior, so this public embarrassment represents a new low for Justin.


Maybe Bieber’s Canadian fans saw his recent deposition video and decided rudeness is cooler than they thought. Or maybe the whole world is finally sick of his antics.

Either way, Justin better start rehabbing his image before he damages his brand beyond repair. You’d think he would know by now that pop music history is filled with young stars brought down by their own egos.