How I Met Your Mother Finale: How Will It End?

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Well, here we are. After 9 seasons, hundreds of girlfriends and countless legen - wait for it - dary moments, How I Met Your Mother, is ending its run as one of TV's most beloved sitcoms.

One big question has already been answered (the titular mother to Ted Mosby's children is played by actress Cristin Milioti), but several remain. 

Why, for example, did producers seem to hint so strongly in a recent episode that the Mother (we still don't know her real name) is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after marrying Ted?

A Slap on HIMYM

Would one of the most lighthearted series on TV really go out on such a down note?

This being the Internet age, online fan theories abound. They range from ridiculous (Ted has Alzheimer's, hence his meandering stories and tendency to forget major details about his life) to the wholly plausible (Ted had planned to show his kids his beloved Star Wars saga and launched into his lengthy tale only after his TV broke).

Regardless of the details, the finale is sure to feature the signature blend of humor and sentimentality that's made HIMYM such an enduring hit.

More importantly for the CBS suits, however, is the fact that the series-ender is projected to be one of the biggest ratings bonanzas of the season.

If you need to catch up before the final episode, or want to relive it afterward, you can watch How I Met Your Mother online from the beginning at TV Fanatic.

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