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On Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 8, the Duck Commander gang built a playhouse for the kiddos. Jep’s kiddos, to be specific. He’s got four and they are adorable!

The issue was that with Jep nursing an injured wrist, he had to outsource this important project to Jase, Martin and Godwin, making the results at best unpredictable.

And entertaining, obviously, whenever Team Jase is involved.

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In the end what he got was a fort/duck blind hybrid. Pretty cool, no? As patriarch Phil put it, it looks more like something you put prisoners in for solitary.

You be the judge regarding whether that makes it a success.

Jessica Robertson would fall into the "no" category. She was not what you’d call pleased with the jail-like structure, but perhaps she’ll come around soon.

Hey, when you call upon free manual labor, you roll the dice.


Elsewhere on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 8, Willie, Phil and Si were brushing a ton of duck blinds (64, to be exact) as a penance of sorts for their sins.

Oversleeping on the first day of Duck Season 2012, that is.

Naturally, Si didn’t do much other than sip iced tea and give Willie a hard time, while Phil took Jase’s prison fort down to the river for his own use.

Thus, duck blind 65 was born. And it was a thing of beauty.

Phil hauled the thing away because back in the subdivision, Jep and Jessica pulled the "yuppie move" of having a playhouse built more to her liking by "professionals."

You can’t win ’em all, Jase. You cannot win ’em all.

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