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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia passed out at dinner Wednesday night and had to be taken to a hospital via ambulance, reports say.

She was having dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, and according to sources in the restaurant, the reality star was drinking a lot of alcohol.

Carlton Gebbia Hospitalized

Gebbia was footing the dinner bill for her party of six women, and was not holding back; she kicked off the night out by slamming at least five tequila shots.

Things then went downhill quickly as they often do in such situations.

Only about 20 minutes into dinner, Carlton passed out at the table.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene after someone called 911; Carlton Gebbia was reportedly still unconscious when she was wheeled out of the place on a stretcher.


Her condition at the present time is unknown; we wish her the best.

Carlton, the show’s resident witch (seriously), is rumored to be getting fired with Joyce Giraud after this season because she doesn’t bring enough drama.

Hard as it is to believe that casting spells on people doesn’t get it done, watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online and you’ll understand why.

The rest of those ladies are just that much more insane.