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Once again, Chrissy Teigen is heating up the Internet, and not just by stripping down and sharing a naked photo on Instagram (though she did do that).

The 30-year-old model fired back at someone who told her to cover up after posting this picture of herself wearing just a pair of bunny ears on a couch:

Either your jaw drops due to her beauty or you shrug your shoulders, but either way it’s Chrissy Teigen nude … not unusual or upsetting in any way, right?

Chrissy Teigen Grammys Photo
(Getty Images for The Recording Academy)


One displeased follower commented, “You are a married woman – cover up or find other means of fulfilling your depraved need for attention cup.”


The Sports Illustrated cover girl model fought back by ripping the commenter’s own Instagram, writing, “Keep taking pictures of crayons you crayola bitch ass.”

She screen-capped the exchange and captioned it, “Thug Life.” Yes, this actually happened. Gotta love social media. Check it out after the jump:


John Legend’s wife certainly never fails to keep things lively on the web.

Over the years, Teigen has developed the reputation for her tendency to share TMI moments and chime in with her own two cents about other stars.

She admits, without question, that she Tweets first and thinks later.

“I mean, I’m very much in the heat of the moment and I say things that I’m feeling and then I’m like, ‘Why did I do that?'” she said in an E! interview.

We have no idea. But please don’t stop, girl …