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Chris Brown is being harassed in jail, according to reports, as fellow inmates locked up with him apparently don’t take kindly to woman beaters.

Insiders say the 24-year-old R&B star has been yelled at and called names like ”b!tch,” specifically because he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown: Harassed in Jail!

Brown is still in jail in Los Angeles for violating his probation, which requires him to obey all laws following his guilty plea to the assault on Rihanna.

After his arrest for assault in D.C. last year, a judge revoked his probation, but allowed him to go to rehab instead of jail while that case is pending.

Now that he’s been kicked out of rehab (twice!), however, he’s locked up until the case goes to trial or he can pay off the accuser and get it dropped.

In any case, he’s behind bars now, feeling like a caged animal and getting badgered by fellow inmates think he has yet to pay the price for his actions.

“One inmate said in passing ‘you a b!tch for hitting Rihanna,’” a source dished, noting that Chris gets “extremely upset” when he hears such sentiments.


For the struggling star, the harassment doesn’t end with Rihanna, either.

Street cred might be increased by an orange jumpsuit in some cases, but not for Chris, who is seen as unmanly for what he did … and as a "wannabe" rapper.

“They be saying other stuff too, like ‘you ain’t no rapper, you’re a whack R&B singer,’” the source says. “They’re in there trying to break him down.”

Guess they aren’t fans of his video for "Loyal" with Tyga and Weezy (below).

Meanwhile, as Chris sits in his cell alone, he’s keeping hope alive that his attorney Mark Geragos can pull something out of their sleeves to spring him free.

“He’s taking it hour by hour, counting down until if and when his lawyers can make a miracle happen,” the source adds. “Until then, he keeps to himself.”

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