Torz Reynolds Cuts Off Tattoo of Cheating Boyfriend's Name, Mails it to Him [GRAPHIC PHOTO]

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Torz Reynolds, a 26-year-old British woman, had an interesting reaction to her boyfriend cheating on her. She literally cut him off ... or at least the tattoo of his name.

In a heartwarming story worthy of Valentine's Day 2014, she sliced off the ink, then sent the skin to him in the mail, along with a photo of her half-dissected arm.

Torz Reynolds Photo

Reynolds, of Colchester, UK, said 24-year-old Stuart "Chopper" May claimed he was moving to Alaska to pursue a job, but it turned out he was just shacking up with a new lady.

When Torz found out, she tore him a new one ... and used a scalpel to remove the entire section of skin where the words "Chopper's Bitch" were tattooed on her.

The fact that she had "Chopper's Bitch" inked on her in the first place?

That tells you a lot here. Just saying. Anyway, boy was she PISSED!

Reynolds numbed the area with Vasocaine spray before slicing a rectangle around the area, then using tweezers to peel it off the skin. It's as bad as it sounds.

Or worse. CLICK HERE for the NSFW pic of the removed tattoo.

She posted an image of the bloody result to her Facebook as well.

When a friend called the act "crazy," Reynolds replied, "Crazy was getting his name tattooed in the first place. . . cutting it out was just necessary! ;-P"

Well, we at least agree with her on the first half of that assessment.

Did she learn from this? Unclear. She conceded that she may end up getting someone else's name tattooed on her, 'cause "Its not lyk there permanent! Haha! [sic]"

Because you can't let such a thing go to waste, she put the removed skin in a jar and mailed it to Mays, complete with a bow on top, the Daily Mail reports.

"Posting the tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message," she said.

"Now he knows never to mess with me again."

The clear message she's referring to, of course, is that she's bat$h!t insane (although you gotta give her credit for calling out the cheating, lying S.O.B.).

Still, can't you just break up over Facebook like everyone else?

TMI breakups are all the rage these days! They still let you shame people publicly, plus they're fun for the rest of us and no one gets mutilated! See below:

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