13 Most Awkward Facebook Breakups

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Breaking up is always hard to do, but when it happens over Facebook, things can get particularly awkward. See 13 classic examples of this here.

1. Now Dating Herpes

Now Dating Herpes
Here's hoping you have fun with that new life partner.

2. 135-Pound Tumor

135-Pound Tumor
Nicely played, and congrats on the removal of that huge malignant growth.

3. Breakup False Alarm

Breakup False Alarm
Oops. Wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger on that one after all.

4. Dumped By Status Update

Dumped By Status Update
For when you even bring yourself to dump someone over text message.

5. Oh, Right, About That

Oh, Right, About That
Sometimes these minor details just slip the mind until Facebook reminds you.

6. Passive Aggressive FTW!

Passive Aggressive FTW!
When it comes to being passive aggressive, Facebook may be the greatest enabler ever.

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