Top 26 Moments in Katy Perry Cleavage History

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With her array of catchy singles, eye-popping videos, infectiously fun personality and girl-next-door charms, Katy Perry has a lot more going for her than just cleavage.

For THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, though ... that cleavage!!!!!

The fact that she's put together one of the most impressive bodies of work in the history of pop music isn't totally unrelated to the physical body she possesses.

It's not the only card in her deck, but it's one she plays to perfection.

SIDE NOTE: John Mayer is an idiot. Let's put that out there now. Whether he cheated on her or not (rumors say he did, with Lauren McHale), he let her get away.

In honor of a sexy singer who's as easy on the eyes as the ears, THG has put together a tribute to the best cleavage in the industry ... or planet. She's up there!

Check out 26 of the most ogle-worthy Katy Perry photos ever:

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