The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: A Great Big World

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Like high school graduates leading for college, our regular survivors realized an unexpected lesson on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11:

There's a great big world out there.

Typically, this AMC smash hones in on a very specific group of individuals and focuses on how they manage to get by on a daily basis.

But we met Sgt. Abraham Ford and his pals at the conclusion of last week's installment and Eugene in particular opened up the survivors' eyes this week to the fact that they are very much NOT alone.

Eugene might actually hold the key to saving the world, which will involve folks leaving Georgia and heading to DC. Yes, DC.

This, of course, opens up endless possibilities for the series and the characters who comprise it.

What direction will The Walking Dead go in now? Who else is out there? What, exactly, is the deal with Eugene, Rosita and company? This fresh blood has given viewers many fresh questions to answer.

But we need not have anything answered about Michael Cudlitz. We already know that he's tremendous as Ford. The actor possesses a commanding screen presence and the Sergant isn't someone just interested in surviving; he's all about recruiting.

It will be fascinating to see this new agenda mixed in with the regular ones of our usual survivors.

Elsewhere, Rick, Carol and Michonne bonded while making jokes and staring at paintings. Who knew that some easy cheese and a new shirt can change one's mood so much?

Overall, this was a very strong episode that livened thing up with new character and teased an expanded direction for those we've followed for so long.

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