The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 16 Recap: NeNe vs. Kenya (and Marlo)!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 16 picked up in the aftermath of Kenya's epic disaster of a charity event, and saw the return of a familiar face.

A familiar and not necessarily welcome face.

Marlo. One name says it all. Marlo ...

NeNe is still reeling from Kenya's behavior last week, flat-out stunned that Kenya would capitalize on her name to get people to attend an event.

All the money did go to charity, but still. NeNe feels slighted, and if you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know it's hard to flip that script.

Especially now that Marlo Hampton managed to find her way back into the show after a recurring role in seasons past. Not surprisingly, she's causing trouble.

First, she was friends with NeNe and was part of NeNe’s wedding spinoff. Now she’s become friends with Kenya. Given recent events, this does not go over well.

The other Real Housewives of Atlanta first notice the pair's budding friendship at Cynthia Bailey’s 53rd birthday party for her husband Peter Thomas.

Marlo ostensibly wants to smooth things out between NeNe and Kenya, but the two ladies get heated and that proves to be a challenging undertaking.

NeNe tells Kenya she wanted to be asked to the event, but instead, “I feel like I was bullied” into coming. “That’s a bit harsh,” Kenya says in response.

Then, NeNe notices Marlo and Kenya chumming it up and looks upset, leaves and later tells Porsha Williams that she considers Marlo an “opportunist.”

Later, we shift gears to Cynthia’s adult field day, “Bailey Bowl.” When Kandi arrives, she brings athletes, including a pro wrestler and a pro basketball player.

NeNe is again annoyed when she sees Marlo arrive to help out Team Twirl, Kenya’s team. In the night's first event, NeNe calls out cheaters and wins.

Marlo tells NeNe that she is going to PAY for not putting her on NeNe’s team. Kandi complains after the sack/hula hoop race that the others cheated.

This is where The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 16 goes south FAST, as the profanity starts and the simmering tensions boil over.

Talk about a "field day" ... of f-bombs and water bottles flying left and right.

Elsewhere last night, Porsha sought NeNe's advice in her upcoming role in Kandi’s play, while Kenya is thinking of putting a trip to Mexico together for the ladies.

That ought to be a blast. A totally relaxing blast with absolutely no drama.

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