The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 Recap: Sins of the Sister

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Viewers had to wait many weeks for The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 to air, due to an Olympics-inspired hiatus.

But we're guessing Rebekah Mikaelson would have been happy if the installment never aired at all... because her darkest secret finally came out and it looks like it will change the course of her life forever.

Rebekah in 1919

Back in 1919, in order to be free from Klaus' rule and free to love one another completely, Rebekah and Marcel conspired with Genevieve to bring back Mikael and do away with Klaus for good.

Only Genevieve wasn't aware of the depths of their plan and when Rebekah feared she would tell Klaus, she killed the witchy friend she had used for her spell.

Fast forward nearly a century later and Celeste (who was also killed by Rebekah back in the day, under a different identity) has brought Genevieve back for revenge.

She makes Klaus flashback to those 1919 events and the truth is now officially out there:

Klaus, the serial killing Original whose only fear is being betrayed by those close to him, was betrayed in the worst possible way by his sister.

We end the hour with Klaus looking to kill Rebekah, but Elijah stepping in at the last second with a dagger to his brother's heart.

What outstanding performances by Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan and what a tribute to the writers that they can do continually turn these family relationships upside.

It's impossible to imagine where things go next, but it's easy to see ourselves glued to the TV in anticipation of what will happen.

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