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Chantel Jeffries has shot down rumors about her relationship with Justin Bieber, while simultaneously sticking up for the singer.

The model – who was seated alongside Bieber when he was pulled over for DUI and drag racing last month – opened up to E! News today and said she was never dating the artist.

“We’re friends,” Jeffries told Terrence Jenkins.

So they were never more than friends? Even for a night? Even for a smooch?

“Do you kiss your friends, Terrence?” Jeffries asked. “Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?”

What about Bieber’s reputation as someone who takes a lot of drugs and who think he’s God’s gift to the universe?

Jeffries says there are a lot of “misconceptions about Justin” and – while “legal reasons” prevent her from discussing the night of the arrest – she said Bieber was “just happy to be out” of jail the next day and that’s why they went down to Panama… together.

Some have referred to Jeffries as a gold digger who has simply attached herself to a rich celebrity.

What does Chandel have to say in response?

“If anything, you can say I’m a goal-digger because, guess what? I have my own goals. And I’m focused on those. I don’t really need anybody else.”