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Night one of The Bachelor’s back-to-back episode extravaganza Monday featured four hometown visits and almost as many disapproving parents.

While The Bachelor spoilers accurately predicted who would not continue on to the Fantasy Suites this season, we weren’t expecting the awkwardness.

Watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8 Online
Watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8 Online

El Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis met the families of the final four contestants, and suffice it to say, some hometown dates went a bit better than others.

Which woman was sent home without love, an engagement ring or a rose?

Which Bachelorette’s father basically told Juan Pablo to go kick rocks?

You can watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic if you want to see what happened for yourself spoiler-free. For our recap, just follow the jump now!


Renee Oteri got the boot. Which was inevitable, as she was too normal.

Not that this made it any easier for her. The calm, mild-mannered single mom from Florida introduced Juan Pablo to her son Ben, and that seemed to go well.

Renee Oteri also confessed that she was falling "madly in love" with him to her mother, with Juan Pablo telling her in response that, "I think you’re great."

Wow. Way to put yourself out there, Juan Pablo.

Poor thing. Meanwhile, Andi Dorfman’s dad Hy was not feeling the show, or its star. At all. He wouldn’t give Juan Pablo his blessing in any sense of the word. 

The closest thing to praise he offered was this classic non-compliment: "I don’t know him well enough to wish him any ill will." Yeah … Hy Dorfman FTW.

He didn’t have that much easier of a time with Clare Crawley and her six sisters (not a misprint), although this one turned around and ended positively.

Clare told Juan Pablo that before her dad died, they shared their father-daughter dance. It was a moving confessional that no doubt earned her some fans back.

Nikki Ferrell is still in the lead, though, if only by default and/or by virtue of having met his family already, and having not totally bungled the hometown date.

Tonight, it’s time for Fantasy Suite Nightmares!

What did you think of The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8? Did Juan Pablo make the right decision? Will one of the three finalists dump HIM tonight?

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