The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 6 Recap: The Fallout and the Hypocrisy

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The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 6 featured fallout between Juan Pablo and Clare, as well as a lot more drama as the survivors headed to New Zealand.

If you want to watch The Bachelor online, we won't spoil it for you here. But we will say that spurned Clare confronted Juan Pablo Galavis about their hookup.

Juan Pablo and Clare

She came onto him, yes, but Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley had sex (or close to it), making him a willing participant before he called "a mistake" afterward.

This left her in tears, obviously, but this week, he basically apologized, saying "I don't want you to feel bad... I don't want you to cry because of me."

She accepted his mea culpa, they sat around in sweatpants and drank wine, awaiting their next fight. Sort of like a regular couple in a weird sense.

Meanwhile, Andi Dorfman went on a date with Juan Pablo and didn't really connect with him in any real way except physically, which is alright.

We'd connect to either one of them physically (was that out loud?) under the right circumstances. We're just not sure if she's still a major frontrunner.

What we would bank on is that Andi Dorfman is prime Bachelorette material if and when she gets booted or eliminates herself later this season.

Juan Pablo and Andi's "bursting" chemistry aside, she'd be perfect. The Bachelor spoilers shed some light on how far she supposedly lasts, too.

Also of note is that while Juan Pablo felt it was a mistake to maul Clare in the sea, groping Andi in a waterfall is apparently fine. It's all water, man!

This just lends more credence to the theory that he had sex with Clare. If it's just what we saw on TV, he's gone just as far with other girls before.

As for the winter's other frontrunner, Nikki Ferrell, she still maintains her status, although she wasn't as big a focal point this week as Clare or Andi.

Meanwhile, Sharleen Joynt is just not that into Juan Pablo, but yet she stays. Guess traveling to New Zealand beats whatever else she's got going on.

"To be honest, I can see other girls here suiting him better. I don't want to hurt Juan Pablo," she says, before getting a rose and sticking it out some more.

Elimination: Kat at the rose ceremony, and earlier in The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 6, Cassandra, telling her it wasn't fair to keep her away from her son.

It was also her birthday. Rough, Juan.

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