Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Stripper Photo "Disgusting, Gross and Immature"!

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Selena Gomez has reportedly seen the now-infamous Justin Bieber stripper photo, and she's labeling it "disgusting," while he's offering more excuses.

Bieber, who reportedly told Gomez that his non-drag race model companion Chantel Jeffries was “just a friend,” is trying to explain away the nipple pic too.

Selena, like many others, was turned off by the photo of Justin and friend Kahlil licking huge fake stripper boobs in a photo that went viral on Saturday.

No surprise there. But what did he have to say about it when confronted?

"'It was all a joke, just a big joke," Justin told Selena, according to a friend of hers, adding that Biebs claims he lost a bet and had to do this as a result.

Unfortunately for Justin, Selena has had enough of his futile excuses.

“Selena isn’t buying it. She’s sick of him doing all these things and never taking responsibility,” the source says of Gomez's reaction to the controversy.

It's not like losing a bet would make this any better in her mind, either.

“She would rather him just be honest about it. She doesn’t think it was a joke anyway, and if it was a joke or a bet, it’s still completely gross and immature.”

As we saw from those alleged Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez text messages, she's unhappy with his behavior, though she is “a little happy” about one thing:

The fact that she’s far away from the out-of-control, wannabe bad boy.

“Justin said he doesn’t even know what the big deal is. But nothing is a big deal to Justin anymore,” the insider explains. ”He thinks all this stuff is hilarious."

"Selena doesn’t get him or his sense of humor or explanations.”

The stripper photo, of course, is not the end of the world, but it is the tip of the iceberg for Justin, whose downward spiral is well documented by now.

His advisors say she's a bad influence and to blame for acting out, but it seems like a stretch to pin DUIs, eggings, limo attacks or stripper nip licks on her ...

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