Lana Scolaro, Robin Thicke Butt-Grab Girl, to Singer: Call Me!

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The girl whose butt Robin Thicke infamously grabbed after the VMAs says she's up for a date if the singer's interested, now that he and Paula Patton split.

It's unclear if the "Blurred Lines" crooner's groping of Lana Scolaro is at all to blame, but Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announced their separation Monday.

The 20-year-old blonde is game for another shot, in any case.

Lana Scolaro, who says she made out with Thicke last fall, says she regrets that, but not too much, saying "I'd love to grab a drink with him if he asked."

When the pic first went public, she claimed he tried to give it to her with Paula in the next room, insisting his wife of eight years was totally cool with it.

We're guessing that was not as true as Robin assumed then.

The couple is tight-lipped regarding why they decided to pull the plug on their long marriage, but it was reportedly Paula's decision, not Robin's.

Despite the public comment that it was mutual, he canceled his concert last week to fly to Canada in a last-ditch effort to talk her out of it, but was rebuffed.

Thicke is said to be "deeply upset" at the end of the union.

As for her take on Thicke's split with the actress, Scolaro says she's not the least bit surprised, and the fact that they have a little boy just makes her sad.

“Robin acting like that with me makes me think there were many more," she says of the breakup. "It’s a shame because when you have a kid, it's upsetting.”

Not so upsetting that she wouldn't hit it, but upsetting.

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