Kimberly Fugate Gives Birth to Triplets, Then Meets "Surprise" Fourth Daughter!

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Kimberly and Craig Fugate of Jayess, Miss. expecting triplets this month. That's a handful to say the last, but then they received the surprise of a lifetime:

A surprise fourth daughter showed up on February 8!

"It's all been rather overwhelming when you think about how many changes will have to be made," Fugate says. "But I am just trying to take everything one day at a time."

"I know it will all work out."

The Fugates' daughter Katelyn, 10, is excited about the family growing from three to seven. "She is very excited and ready for them to come home," Kimberly says.

Because Kimberly Fugate had to be hospitalized at 24 weeks pregnant, it didn't leave a lot of time to get things ready for triplets, much less quadruplets.

"We don't really have anything," says the 42-year-old mom.

"I had to take a medical leave from work in November."

For now, she's just looking forward to holding her new brood. The family has set up a Facebook page, The Fugate Quadruplets, for updates and information.

"I am recovering well," she says. "Still moving slow."


"But at least I'm moving. [The babies] have had their ups and downs, but for the most part, they are all doing well to be as premature as they were."

For now, the couple will be scrambling for car seats, a car that will fit their family and hopefully finding a bigger place than their current two-bedroom home.

With the inevitability of four identical baby daughters at home, the family is also forced to start considering strategies for how to tell them apart.

"Someone suggested painting a toenail a different color," Fugate says. "[I'm] not really sure." Not a bad idea. But first thing's first: Getting them there.

"Carseats are my first concern right now," she says.

"I will have to have four carseats to even get them home from the hospital. Then we'll worry about strollers, walkers, playpens, that type of thing later."

As for how her ultrasounds missed the fourth baby in there, it's not entirely clear ... though you have to imagine the living quarters were a bit crowded.

Not Octomom-levels, but crowded just the same!

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