James Franco Defends Shia LaBeouf, Says His Project is "A Worthy One"

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James Franco is known for making strange choices when it comes to his career. Signing on to the cast of General Hospital when he was already a well-known and well-paid film actor? Uh, OK.

This week Franco has become an outspoken defender of Shia LaBeouf.

In a New York Times op-ed, Franco defends everything from LaBeouf's plagiarism scandals (plural!) to his most recent performance art piece which involved sitting silently in a room with a bag over his head.

Shia LaBeouf, Bag on Head
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"Any artist, regardless of his field, can experience distance between his true self and his public persona," writes Franco.

"But because film actors typically experience fame in greater measure, our personas can feel at the mercy of forces far beyond our control."

"Our rebellion against the hand that feeds us can instigate a frenzy of commentary that sets in motion a feedback loop: acting out, followed by negative publicity, followed by acting out in response to that publicity, followed by more publicity, and so on."

He also points out everyone from Marlon Brando to Joaquin Phoenix have been called crazy for their off-camera behavior and until Shia LaBeouf confirms that the whole thing was a big joke - or not - we can't really know.

"This behavior could be a sign of many things, from a nervous breakdown to mere youthful recklessness," continues Franco, "For Mr. LaBeouf’s sake I hope it is nothing serious."

I'm sure no one wishes something "serious" on Shia LaBeouf, but spending that much time with a bag on your head sure doesn't seem like "nothing" to me.

Or maybe I just don't understand performance art.

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