Courtland Rogers: Wanted For Jewelry Theft!

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Jenelle Evans' estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, has a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly stealing a friend's jewelry and pawning it for cash.

According to reports, the ever-intelligent Rogers used his ID to pawn the rings, which made it easy to trace the items back to him. Thus, the warrant.

Courtland took to Twitter yesterday to address his followers:

"It isn't always what it seems .... Goodbye twitter"

Good to know, Court.

One can speculate that he's referring to rumors that he used the cash from the pawn shop to feed his heroin addiction, which has been widely documented.

He could potentially be charged with felony larceny, a very bad thing considering his record and the fact that one more felony could put him away for a LONG time.

The friend, Katie McMillan, whom he was staying with in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, spoke to Radar Online about what she says wend down ...

"I was trying to help him get into a treatment program and had even talked with a doctor. He was telling me he wanted to get sober and get away from drugs."

"I figured out he didn’t want any help after a few days."

"In the last text he sent me, he said he was going to pick up his money. That’s when he left my house and never came back. I now know he meant going to pawn my stuff."

"He knew I was going out of town the next day and he couldn’t stay at my house. I think he was hoping I wouldn’t notice my stuff was gone before I left."

"I definitely noticed it was gone shortly after."

"It was the stuff I considered sentimental. Two of the rings he did take were actually the most sentimental things I own. They are both rings from each of my grandmothers."


Jenelle Evans, who is technically still married to him and had an abortion after he got her pregnant last winter, responded in a statement on Sulia:

"My estranged husband, Courtland Rogers is back in hot water with the law," she said, linking to the story. "You won't believe what he did this time."

"Although it's not surprising to me, many fans have never believed me when I said that he did this kind of stuff to me when we were together."

Amazingly, he makes Jenelle look downright stable.

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