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Chris Kattan now has something in common with Justin Bieber.

Aside from each being unfunny on Saturday Night Live.

The actor was arrested this morning on suspicion of DUI after his car hit another vehicle around 1 a.m. on the 101 in San Fernando Valley.

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According to TMZ insiders, another driver called the California Highway Patrol to report a motorist was "weaving all over the roadway at slow speeds" before Kattan reportedly swerved into a closed-off area and stuck a Department of Transportation vehicle from behind.


Fortunately, there was no one inside and Kattan did not suffer any injuries.

Police confirm that Kattan appeared very out of it at the scene and was booked on charges of driving while impaired, with an emphasis on prescription pills, not alcohol.

Kattan, 43, was taken to the Van Nuys Jail after his arrest.