Chris Brown: Basketball Beatdown Accuser is Trying to Extort Me!

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Embattled singer Chris Brown is the victim of extortion, not the administrator of a savage beating on the basketball court, according to his attorney Mark Geragos.

Malcolm Ausbon filed a lawsuit against Chris, claiming the R&B star and his posse beat the crap out of him when he called a foul on Chris during a pick-up game.

The beatdown allegedly occurred at 24-Hour Fitness, but Geragos claims Brown is being taken for a ride, citing a letter demanding $250,000 from Chris ... OR ELSE. 

If Brown doesn't pay up, the letter says that "Mr. Ausbon is placed in a position by the LAPD where he needs to decide whether he will press charges."

The lawyer continues, "He would rather be compensated."

According to Geragos, this is just a cleverly worded threat, i.e. pay me a quarter of a million dollars to go away because I am making a big issue out of this.

Geragos says he's turning the tables on the accuser, claiming Ausbon's attorney knows Brown didn't touch the guy and going after Ausbon by filing a police report.

Brown's attorney, who is a very busy man, says the accuser's lawyer already admitted the guy who struck his client had dreadlocks and it was all on video.

We'll see if he's right, and Brown skates yet again.

Not that it'll help him with some of his other, unrelated legal issues. No question Chris is a target, but he also makes himself one with a lot of his actions.


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