Brutally Honest Valentines: Straight From the Heart ... or Back of Your Mind

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Valentine's Day is filled with over-the-top romantic overtures and idealistic visions of love. But often times, the reality of the situation is much less magical.

As we saw in our 17 awkward Valentine's Day cards, communication isn't always easy or fun. Nor is telling your partner that your love life is ... well ...

Let's just say if every couple exchanged brutally honest Valentine's Day cards, the Hallmark holiday would be fundamentally transformed, for better or worse.

It's probably good that we don't give significant others cards like the ones below - although if you do, let us know how that goes! - for safety and face-saving reasons.

Check out some of these classic, Valentine's Day: Honest Edition cards and see how many relate to you or someone you know ... whether it's out in the open or not:

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